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Light and Lacy Shawl

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You will need

1 x 4.5 or 5mm knitting needle

1 x 8mm or 9mm knitting needle

Double Knitting yarn – 2 100g balls of James Brett Shh – if you use another brand, you will probably need more as you will get so much less on the ball.

You may find helpful: a row counter – a tape measure

This pattern is so versatile you can literally make it in any number of stitches across – any length you fancy.  I worked it on uneven needles to get a more open lace look, but you could work it on a pair of 6mm needles and get the same the pattern – just closer together.


My shawl measures 28”  wide x 82” long

And took a whole ball and about ¼ of another – but I should have gone longer!




Using the 4.5mm needle – cast on 85 stitches onto the 9mm needle.

Row 1: using the 4.5mm needle knit all stitches across row.

Row 2: using the 9mm needle knit all stitches across row.

Repeat rows 1: and 2: until you reach -

Row 14: with the 9mm needle – knit 1 *(bring the yarn under the needle, then over the top and, knit the next stitch (creates an extra stitch) – repeat from * to end of row.

Row 15: with the 4.5mm needle knit the first stitch, *(push the created loop from the previous row off the needle, knit the next stitch – repeat from * to end of row.

Row 16: using the 9mm needle knit all stitches across row.


These 16 rows form the pattern, work as much as you like and cast off very loosely.


Take one step further –

-       Add a fringe.

-       For a narrower scarf cast on less stitches.

-       Change the number of rows between stripes.

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