About Us

We may only be tiny - but we make up for it in knowledge - experiance - stock piled high - and a serious super cute meet and greet staff!

I have been here since early 2011 - there used to be a couple of other knitting shops - but it seems we are a dying breed these days and I think I am one of 2 or 3 proper knitting shops left in the whole of Cumbria now.

You can't beat the real colour hit of yarn piled high!

I have been knitting for over 50 years - seen all the trends - tried all the techniques - learnt the hard way.  These days I love to pass onn all my experiance.  I love starting off beginners on their own knitting journey - de-bunking all the jargon - and helping you get the best out of your stash.

Calling all beginners

Sign up for our Virtual knitting circle and open a vault of help for you to learn how to knit

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