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  1. This pattern is part of the Knitting with Kitten Knitting Circle

    star bunting on shelf

    Summer Picnic Bunting Knitting Kit 

    You will need:-

    Scraps of double knitting yarns

    4mm knitting needles

    Ribbon or string to hang

    Needle to sew in the tails


    You may find helpful – a row counter – beads / sequins to decorate if you wish



    For each star:-

    Cast on 5 stitches.

    Row 1: (Knit 1 but don’t slip the loop off the needle, bring the yarn forward, then knit again into the same stitch, then slip the original loop off) into each stitch.  Work the stitches loosely.  15 stitches.

    Row 2: knit.

    Row 3: (knit 1, yarn forward, knit 1, yarn forward, knit 1) 5 times.  25 stitches.

    Row 4: Knit.

    Row 5: (Knit 1, yarn forward, knit 3, yarn forward, knit 1) 5 times.  35 stitches.

    Row 6: Knit.

    Row 7: (k1, yarn forward, k5, yarn forward, k1) 5 times – 45 stitches.

    Row 8: Knit.

    Row 9: (k1, yarn forward, k7, yarn forward, k1) 5 times – 55 stitches.

    Row 10: Knit

    Row 11: (k1, yarn forward, k9, yarn forward, k1) 5 times – 65 stitches.

    Row 12: Knit

    Row 13: (k1, yarn forward, k11, yarn forward, k1) 5 times – 75 stitches.

    Row 14: Knit.



    Shape points

    Knit 15 – turn and work on these stitches alone.

    Row 1: knit 1, knit 2 together, knit to last stitches. 3 k2tog, k1.

    Row 2: Knit.

    Repeat these 2 rows until 5 stitches remain.

    Next row. Knit.

    Finish – knit 2 together, knit 1, knit 2 stitches together. 

    Next row: Knit 3.

    End - Knit 3 together.  Finish off.

    Work other points the same way.

    Make as many as you want.

    Take a step further:-

    • Add across a ribbon as a banner.
    • Add down a ribbon as a hanger.
    • Add 3 to different lengths as a hanger.
    • Decorate with beads / sequins etc.
    • Make in chunky yarn (on 6mm needles) as a place mat.
    • Make in super chunky yarn (on 9mm needles) as a table mat.
    • Perfect for a baby’s room.
    • Red, white and blue looks amazing as a seaside theme.
    • Work in seasonal colours for Autumn and Christmas.
    • Hang from the top central point – or link the arms.
    • And I am going to say it – add a little face to the top point for starfish.