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  1. knitting with kitten - the kitten and the goat - twisted headband

    You will need

    dk yarn

    4mm knitting needles

    Large blunt needle

    Tape measure


    Head circumference: about 22″ – If you want to change the length of the headband knit fewer/ more rows.

    Width:  3″


    With 4mm knitting needles cast on 30 stitches loosely.


    Start straight into the rib pattern

    Row 1: knit 2, *(purl 2, knit 2) – repeat from * to end of row.

    Row 2: purl 2, *(knit 2, purl 2) – repeat from * to end of row.

    Repeat these 2 rows until work measures 23”


    Cast off leaving a long tail







    Make the centre detail:


    Fold the band in half across the short way - bring the edges close together – slide one edge over a little so that the edge of one side is in the centre of the other.








    Make a “sandwich” – so that one edge wraps around the other – line it up snugly.  Now you have 4 layers that need to be stitched through. With the tail you left after casting off sew the edges together. The seam itself will be hidden inside the twist.


    If you want a narrower headband – cast on 22 stitches

    If you want a wider headband – cast on 42 stitches.

    Take a step further:

    • Work in a striped pattern – you can work any amount of striped rows – either even counts or all different thicknesses.
    • Change colour half way through.