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Easter Egg covers

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Easter Bunny with hidden treat Knitting kit


 Approximate size –  3” / 7.5cm tall


You will need: 
4mm knitting needles

DK yarn
Coloured felt for the ears and tail
Tiny buttons or sequins for eyes
Coloured yarn for the nose and whiskers
Needle to sew up

With no 4mm needle cast on 30 stitches
Row 1: knit all across stitches
Repeat row 1 for a TOTAL of 27 rows
Cast off

To Make up
Fold in half, and stitch the cast on and the cast off rows together to make a tube.

Gather one end of the tube, slip the needle through the very top of the garter stitch loops that stand a bit proud and pull tightly.  Over sew a couple of times to secure well and finish off.

Gather the other end of the tube in the same way and fold this end right up into the tube.  Secure both gatherings together with a couple of stitches through both the thicknesses and finish off.

 Sew on the buttons or sequins for the eyes

Sew the nose and whisker detail

Sew on the ears and the tail details

Stuff with an Egg

Take a step further
- Knit in white for a duckling – with a rounded beak.
- Knit in fawn or grey for a mouse and add big ears and whiskers
- Knit in yellow for a chick and add a beak and wings.
- work in white for a sheep and add loops to the top for fluff





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